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Data is both an accelerator and a liability


Data delivers futureproof models for smart logistics


Integrated patient data save lives

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Azure partner

KODIFY is official Microsoft Azure Partner

KODIFY as your Microsoft Partner supplier ensures access to certified experts, the latest technologies, superior support, and tailored solutions. Benefit from high standards, reliability, and strategic advice to optimize your business operations. Opt for a Microsoft Partner for cutting-edge services and enhanced performance.

Salesforce partner

KODIFY is Salesforce Partner

Good cooperation with the specialists from Salesforce is essential, especially for complex Salesforce projects. That is why we are an official Salesforce partner. The Kodify team has extensive knowledge and experience with Salesforce. We have access to Salesforce’s valuable partner community. This allows us to solve any challenge faster and more effectively for our clients. Kodify has been working with Salesforce since 2007 and is an official Salesforce Partner.